To meet with a Cx1DJs Rep in person in the Atlanta, Ga area the
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Cx1DJs Multi Media Service Package
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Cx1DJs Coalition specializes in breaking records for underground & indie artists. All artists
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Cx1DJs 30 Day Multi Media promotion. This includes multiple
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DJs with the record and cover attached along with social links for a
period of 30 days. The price for this package is $2500 and you can pay below. Conference
calls held every Wednesday at 9:00 pm eastern to 12:00am eastern.
Cx1DJs world wide
conference calls are open to the public, all fans,
DJs, record execs, PR's, A&R's, magazine
companies, actors, NBA players, NFL players and more. We interview and promote
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DJs and the fans judge all music that we play on our conference
250,000 contacts + CX1Djs conference call of your chose on Thursday at
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and that's not all, we have major labels and A&R's checking us out and
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Also inquire about getting your video featured on BET, Revolt TV, MTV,
Worldstar, & We encourage you to purchase longer than
30 day package to get full benefits of promotion. If you have any
questions contact Cx1DJs at 404-552-8731.
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Cx1DJs Conference Call
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