*Cx1DJs Presents...
Breaking Records Day.
More details coming soon.
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All artists be part of the Cx1DJs Breaking Records day. We will give all
artists a one on one review on what record to push, our opinion on the
record, or which direction to go with a certain record. Artists can
audition the record in front of
Cx1DJs or we can just play the record
live in front of all the affiliates attending. Artists do not have to be at the
event if you cant make it to get the records played. All you would have
to do is pay the
$100 registration fee and send the record to
Cx1DJscoalition@gmail.com and we will film us playing it at the event
and send the footage to your email address to show you that we did
play it and review it. For those that would like to be at the event it will
be a great way to get that one on one attention. You will still need to
pay the
$100 registration fee also and have the track ready for the day
of the event on CD or USB thumb drive with your music on it. Bring as
many fans as you want but they will have to pay entry fee. The only fee
you will pay is the registration for your song. Hope to see you there.
This is not a club setting this is a private event with the
Cx1DJs to
review your record. For any artists that didnt register and still wants to
attend the entry fee is $20.00. This is a private event from 4pm to 12am.
Pay Registration fee by
clicking on
Pay Registration fee by
clicking on
For all artists that would like
to attend the price of entry is
$20.00. >>>>>>
perform the song will
need to pay $150.